NLTP 2021–24 $1.2 billion target investment

For the land transport system to work effectively, we need to ensure all travel options are contributing and operating efficiently.

A well-maintained rail network contributes many benefits, including reduced emissions, improved safety and resilience across the land transport system.

Investment of $1.2 billion over the three-year National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) period in rail will be focused on restoring the existing network to a reliable and resilient condition that supports existing services and provides a platform for future growth.

The Rail Network activity class provides funding to KiwiRail to maintain, renew, operate and improve the national rail network. (Funding is also being provided through the Public Transport Infrastructure activity class for investment in the metro components of the network in Auckland and Wellington to support the delivery of metro rail services.)

A track user charge is being introduced in the first quarter of 2021–22 to contribute to the funding of rail, similar to the road user charge for motorists.