NLTP 2021–24 $2.9 billion target investment

Road to Zero is a new activity class in the 2021–24 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). It is dedicated to investment in safe system responses to risk on our roads.

Over the next three years, $2.9 billion will be invested in Road to Zero activities throughout New Zealand. A priority in this period is to continue an infrastructure and speed improvements programme that will reduce deaths and serious injuries. These are on state highways and local roads that carry the highest risk to road users and the most traffic.

In 2021–24, we intend to install approximately 183kms of median barriers, 75 roundabouts and make speed changes on 16,500kms of local roads and state highways to prevent an estimated 213 deaths and serious injuries.

On state highways, we have work planned on 17 high risk corridors throughout New Zealand. This includes 51 intersection improvements, 25 new roundabouts, and 164kms of median barriers.

On local roads, working with local government, we plan to invest in more than 1074 projects. This includes 50 roundabouts, 19kms of median barriers, and speed changes on 13,500kms.

In 2021–24 we’ll be investing $1.24 billion in the Road Safety Partnership Programme to provide road policing activities approved by the minister which will maintain 1,070 dedicated road policing staff and about 20% of non-dedicated police staff time undertaking these activities. These activities are focused on restraints, impairment, distraction and speed (RIDS) and include almost doubling enforcement of speed and drunk driving.

We’ll be investing about $197 million in national, regional and local road safety promotion and education campaigns supporting Road to Zero programmes. This includes a campaign to raise public awareness of Road to Zero.