Investment by the numbers

$24.3 billion – the total investment in land transport under this NLTP

Everyone who drives a vehicle makes a contribution to the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF).

Revenue in the NLTF comes from two main sources – fuel taxes and road user charges. Smaller amounts of revenue come from vehicle licensing.

There is a smaller sum collected from the sale of surplus land/property and rail track user charges.

The majority of this revenue is gathered into the NLTF and allocated to the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). The NLTF is to be solely used for activities in the NLTP, with limited exceptions. These include search and rescue, and regulatory activities.

Funds are also provided by local government, to invest in their local and regional land transport system on behalf of their ratepayers. There is also targeted Crown funding for some activities, such as subsidies under the SuperGold scheme.

In 2021–24, $24.3 billion of funding is forecast to be managed under the NLTP. This is an increase of 44% compared to 2018–21. It includes an estimated investment of $15.6 billion from the NLTF, including $2 billion of assumed financing, $4.8 billion of local share, $800 million of Crown funding to help fund the RNIP and $2.5 billion Crown funding will be managed alongside the NLTP for the New Zealand Upgrade Programme and the Provincial Growth Fund.

2021–24 revenue and investment flows

Funding will come from…

National Land Transport Fund (NLTF)

  • Road user charges (net)1 – $6 billion
    End customers of freight carriers in the prices paid for goods and services. Light diesel vehicle owner payments.
  • Fuel excise duty (net)1 – $6.7 billion
    Excise collected at source (fuel shipments & refinery) and recharged in petrol, LPG and CNG prices.
  • Motor vehicle registry fees (net)1 – $690 million
    Public road users through registration and licence fees to access the roading network.
  • Use of opening balance – $260 million
    Use of surplus from previous NLTP.
  • Rail Network Investment Programme – $830 million
    Crown top up.
  • NLTF debt financing – $2 billion
    Crown loan.

Other funding

  • Local share of NLTP activities – $4.8 billion
    Local residents through the rates and charges paid for local authority provision of transport infrastructure and services.
  • New Zealand Upgrade Programme (NZUP) – $2.5 billion
    Additional Crown funding.
  • SuperGold card – $90 million
    Taxpayers through the subsidies paid to fund SuperGold card for off-peak public transport travel via Ministry of Transport.
  • Crown Infrastructure Package/economic stimulus package – $70 million
    Additional Crown funding.
  • Provincial Growth Fund – $100 million
    Additional Crown funding.
  • NZUP Regional Investment Opportunities – $50 million
    Additional Crown funding.
  • Housing Infrastructure Fund loan – $300 million
    Crown loan to fund acceleration of roading projects to support of high growth urban development in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Queenstown.

and will be invested in…

  • Walking and cycling improvements – $1 billion
  • Road to Zero safety improvements – $3 billion
  • Public transport infrastructure – $2.3 billion
  • Road, walking and cycling network operations and maintenance – $7.2 billion
  • Local, regional and state highway road improvements – $6.6 billion
  • Public transport services – $2.6 billion
  • Rail improvements – $1.3 billion
  • Miscellaneous2 (includes coastal shipping and long-term planning) – $450 million

  1. Net of refunds and administrative costs.
  2. Covers costs for bad debts, search and rescue, recreational boating safety awareness and revenue system management.