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National Land Transport Programme 2018–21

The National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) represents our commitment to provide New Zealanders with a safer, efficient and connected transport system. The NLTP 2018–21 sets out how we’ll use national land transport funding for the next three years.

Work is well underway with our transport partners to develop the next NLTP. We’ve committed to providing our partners with better communication, clearer guidance, and more clarity and transparency of our investment processes and decision making.

Development timelines

The draft 2018-21 Government Policy Statement (GPS) on land transport funding is to be made available for consideration in March 2018. So that we all have sufficient time to reflect the Government’s priorities, we have made the following changes to the 2018-21 Regional Land Transport Programme and the NLTP development timelines.

Development stepCurrent timelineRevised timeline
Regional Land Transport Programme submitted to the Transport Agency 30 April 2018 30 June 2018
National Land Transport Programme adopted 30 June 2018 31 August 2018

The current 2015-18 NLTP period has been extended by two months to 31 August 2018 to ensure activities in the current NLTP can continue to be approved.

View the timeline for the NLTP 2018–21.

Some of the Government’s priorities may require more fundamental changes to the scope of the GPS so it is likely to be amended during the NLTP 2018-21 cycle. The Transport Agency will work closely with our partners to ensure a smooth process for responding to any later changes to the GPS.

You can find out more about these changes and the information above on our planning and investment news page.

Improvements we’ve made to the NLTP process

To ensure New Zealanders have a safer, efficient and connected transport system, we’ve listened to feedback from our transport partners and made some improvements to the development of the NLTP.

What you told us

  • The processes and requirements of the NLTP were unclear.
  • There hasn’t been a wider strategic view or vision for the future of the transport sector shared.
  • It’s difficult to find information about the investment process.

What we’ve done to improve this

  • We’ve improved our tools and systems, making the processes and requirements easier to understand and more clearly communicated our thinking behind our investment decisions.
  • We’ve created a draft long term strategic view with input from across the transport sector.
  • We’ve created a consistent approach for the sector to develop business cases and provided more guidance and online training modules to support our partners.
  • We’ve added a planning and investment news section to our website and we’re sending our partners relevant NLTP updates.

If you have any questions or any feedback on other improvements we can make, talk to your regional contact at the Transport Agency or contact the NLTP team.