A number of state highway projects were reviewed by Waka Kotahi in 2018 to evaluate whether they aligned with the priorities and strategic direction set out in the Government Policy Statement on land transport(external link) (GPS), which places a greater emphasis on safety, access, the environment and value for money. The re-evaluations were completed, and the outcomes were announced in 2018.

Funding for state highways is heavily constrained. There was a reduction in overall state highway funding for the 2018–21 period, with further reductions in the years beyond that period. There was also an unprecedented number of funding requests from our transport partners. As a result, there was insufficient funding to invest in all the infrastructure that communities asked for, including new state highway projects. Careful management is needed to ensure our overall programme continues to align with the Government’s transport priorities, with safety being the top priority.

These projects remain part of our long-term plan and the Waka Kotahi Board endorsed the plans and direction set out for these corridors. We understand how important it is to the community to get certainty around when this project may be built. Currently there isn’t funding to progress work further. When funding does become available these projects will be prioritised against other projects and programmes across the country.

The projects

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