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In developing this National Land Transport Programme (NLTP), the Transport Agency has considered a range of inputs to arrive at its decisions on the optimal investment level for each activity class.

Chief among its considerations is giving effect to the 2018 Government Policy Statement on land transport. Other considerations included regional land transport plans, activity management plans, regional public transport plans, council long-term planning and relevant transport strategies, and business cases. We also considered the ability of the sector to fund and deliver activities in the three-year period.

The 2018-21 NLTP is a snapshot of a dynamic and ongoing process. The Transport Agency will respond to variations from the plan, affecting investment levels as the NLTP is delivered. These variations include:

  • revenue movements that differ from the plan due to changes in economic conditions and fuel prices
  • government decisions on the rates of fuel excise duty and road user charges
  • unplanned events such as floods, slips and earthquakes
  • emerging issues and activities, developed through the business case approach
  • the performance of organisations, including the Transport Agency, in delivering their programmes of work under the NLTP.

The table below represents how the Transport Agency has balanced the planned expenditure across the NLTP, based on the GPS activity class ranges, submitted activities and competing priorities for investment. These indicative allocations will be updated as the NLTP is delivered to maximise the national outcomes.

2018–21 GPS funding ranges and NLTF investment levesl (May 2018)

The Transport Agency actively works with its co-investment partners to ensure prompt expenditure, visibility of progress to delivery and cost, and timing of new activities throughout the period. Some of the variation can be managed within the short-term borrowing facilities provided by the Government, which mitigate some of the impacts of seasonal variation and unexpected events.

A series of NLTP tables provide information around the investment levels and activities in the 2018–21 NLTP.

These tables provide information for the NLTP in static (at time of adoption) and dynamic (subsequent variations) forms. The dynamic form takes into account new project funding approvals, cost and scope changes to approved activities and cash-flow adjustments and any new activities which may be added as the NLTP is delivered.

NLTP snapshot and tables