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Draft 2018–21 State highway investment proposal

The draft 2018–21 State highway investment proposal (SHIP) is the Transport Agency’s state highway activity management plan. It sets out our proposed investment programme for maintaining, operating and improving the state highway network as part of a national integrated land transport system over the next three, six, and 10 years.

This proposal has been prepared for consideration by regional transport committees as part of their integrated regional land transport plans to meet national and regional objectives.

Once adopted in regional land transport plans, the state highway activities are submitted to the 2018–21 National Land Transport Programme and the draft programme becomes final.

The draft SHIP is one element by which the NZ Transport Agency gives effect to the draft Government Policy Statement for Land Transport (GPS) and its strategic priorities of economic growth and productivity, safety, and value for money.

Download the draft 2018–21 State highway investment proposal. [PDF, 2 MB]

Regional summaries

These regional summaries have been jointly prepared by the Transport Agency in conjunction with regional transport committees to achieve common outcomes for investment. They aim to reflect the strategic context from the RLTPs and reflect joint thinking about the issues to be addressed as agreed by transport planning teams.

Each summary provides the following:

  1. regional tends and any significant inter-regional transport issues where these affect outcomes within the region
  2. opportunities for improvement and the investment story for an integrated regional transport system, aimed at delivering appropriate levels of service for customers in a way that reflects both regional and national goals/objectives/priorities
  3. maps of listed activities and outcomes on investment 
  4. the regional elements of the overall state highways investment proposal that will be considered for funding in the 2018-21 NLTP.

The regional summaries should be read in conjunction with the proposal [PDF, 2 MB], which provides the national context and rationale for state highway investment throughout New Zealand.

Northland [PDF, 728 KB] Hawke’s Bay [PDF, 771 KB]
Auckland [PDF, 1.2 MB] Wellington [PDF, 1002 KB]
Waikato [PDF, 1.1 MB] Top of the South (Marlborough, Tasman and Nelson) [PDF, 2.2 MB]
Bay of Plenty [PDF, 772 KB] West Coast [PDF, 504 KB]
Taranaki [PDF, 713 KB] Canterbury [PDF, 1002 KB]
Manawatū – Whanganui [PDF, 758 KB] Otago [PDF, 495 KB]
Gisborne [PDF, 705 KB] Southland [PDF, 323 KB]

Business case for investment in state highway maintenance and operations 2018–21

This is the business case for investment in maintenance, renewal and operational activities proposed on the state highway network as part of the 2018–21 National Land Transport Programme. It presents a more detailed rationale for investment in state highway maintenance, renewals and operations as identified in the 2018–21 State Highway Investment Proposal (link here to doc above). 

View the business case for investment in state highway maintenance and operations 2018–21 and other related information.

Corridor management plans

A corridor management plan describes the customer service delivery story for a specific state highway corridor (eg, Wellington to Palmerston North), as measured against the One Road Network Classification performance framework. It is intended to describe the investment story for each corridor.

Each of the 30 corridor management plans considers a combination of:

  • pressures on the system that are resulting in increased demand or a reduction in levels of service
  • the current state of the system and how it is performing
  • the Transport Agency response, i.e. what we are proposing to invest in to deliver customer levels of service along the corridor.

View the corridor management plans.