Development of inter-regional public transport

With the release of the draft GPS, you’ll note the inclusion of a new activity class: ‘inter-regional public transport’.  We envisage this activity class will be managed in a similar way to coastal shipping - a contestable fund available for private sector bids.

If you are going to make a submission for inclusion into the 2024-27 NLTP associated activities please include:

  • Business cases
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • New trial services

Please simply use the existing public transport activity classes into TIO. 

Further, when in TIO and entering the ‘activity title’ for an activity, please assign the acronym ‘(IRPT)’ at the end of the title. We also recommend including this acronym in the ‘your reference’ field.

This will assist both Waka Kotahi and your team for future assignment of the activity when the GPS is finalised. We will then reassign these activities across as appropriate.

We advise using existing definitions for the appropriate work categories in the two public transport activity classes (as available in the Planning and Investment Knowledge Base).

Further advice will be made available in relation to Inter-regional public transport associated activities in the coming weeks.