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Draft IAF update


Feedback welcome on draft Investment Assessment Framework (IAF) to support the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme.

Earlier this month the Ministry of Transport released its draft Government Policy Statement on land transport for 2018-27 (GPS). We would like to share the Transport Agency’s draft Investment Assessment Framework (IAF) for the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) and we are seeking your feedback on this by 18 May.

Draft Government Policy Statement on land transport for 2018–27 (GPS)(external link)
Draft Investment Assessment Framework (IAF)

In the draft GPS, the Government has identified safety and access as key priorities, supported by the priorities of environment and value for money, and we have reviewed and updated the draft IAF to reflect these.

The IAF is the framework the Transport Agency uses to assess and prioritise projects and programmes for inclusion in the NLTP. It helps you to understand how your projects will be prioritised under the draft GPS and to frame-up Regional Land Transport Plans (RLTPs).

Our planning and investment teams will be available to help you work through this process and become familiar with the new framework and criteria, and to apply the draft IAF to your projects and programmes in the RLTP. I acknowledge that the timeframe for adjusting your programmes to align with the draft GPS is tight and may present some challenges.

If you are unable to reassess your proposals under the new draft IAF before RLTPs are due to be submitted on 30 June 2018, please remember that new or revised proposals may be developed and considered at any stage within the NLTP period through a variation of the RLTP.

Key areas for planning consideration are:

  • the structural components of our investment framework remain the same, including a reduced two-factor assessment approach of results alignment and cost-benefit appraisal
  • there is a significant increase in funding ranges for both regional improvement and local road improvements activity classes
  • there are two new proposed activity classes, rapid transit and transitional rail
  • road safety promotion has been expanded to include demand management.

As you will be aware, we have completed our investment moderation for continuous programmes and our Board will consider indicative funding for these later this month. Following this we’ll provide you with an indication of likely funding levels for your continuous programmes to provide certainty for your Long Term Plans.

We look forward to receiving your improvement activities which take advantage of the new opportunities that have been signalled in the draft GPS.

Please take the time to review the draft IAF and our FAQs to learn more about what this means for your RLTPs. Further detailed guidance on applying the draft IAF and information sheets will be added to our website’s Planning and Investment Knowledge Base throughout April.

Draft IAF [PDF, 554 KB]
FAQs [PDF, 55 KB]
Planning and Investment Knowledge Base

How to give feedback on the draft IAF

To provide feedback please fill out the feedback form on our website and submit before 5pm, Friday 18 May 2018.

We will acknowledge that we have received your feedback and provide a summary of changes made to the draft IAF after submissions have closed. We will be taking all feedback into account before finalising the IAF, which will remain in draft until the Minister releases the final GPS by 30 June 2018.

If you have any questions about providing feedback on the draft IAF, or anything else covered in this letter, please contact your Director Regional Relationships or email

We will continue to keep you updated as we work with you and your teams as we progress the NLTP.

Fergus Gammie
Chief Executive NZ Transport Agency