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NLTP update – May 2018


Feedback to the government on the draft Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS) closed on 2 May, and the final GPS will be released by the Minister of Transport by 30 June.

Draft Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS)(external link)

Feedback has also now closed on the NZ Transport Agency’s draft Investment Assessment Framework (IAF). The IAF helps give effect to the GPS by determining what land transport activities will be included in the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). The IAF will be finalised in early July, and the Transport Agency Board will adopt the 2018-21 NLTP by 31 August.

Draft Investment Assessment Framework 2018-21 NLTP (IAF)

We thank everyone who shared their thoughts and suggestions with us on the IAF. We will be writing to you in the next two weeks with a summary of the feedback we received, and to share guidance and support in understanding the IAF and how we apply it to your investment proposals.

Work is now focused on supporting local government to ensure their Regional Land Transport Plans (RTLPs), which are due to be submitted by 30 June, are consistent with the government’s new transport priorities, and importantly, take up the opportunities presented by the new and increased funding in the activity classes that support public transport, walking, cycling and regional improvements.

We encourage Regional Transport Committees to ensure their RLTPs align with the draft Transport Agency Investment Proposal (TAIP) and the draft GPS.

Draft Transport Agency Investment Proposal 2018–27 (TAIP)

The Transport Agency and local government have a great opportunity and an obligation to deliver the best outcomes for our communities and New Zealand to deliver a safe, easy-to-use land transport system, reducing the impact on the environment and public health, and delivering value-for-money infrastructure and services to support communities. Although we are in a transition phase before the new GPS is confirmed, the work we all do in the next few months is important to prepare for the new NLTP.

The Transport Agency’s investment advisers and strategic planning leads are available to help councils look at new co-investment opportunities, and we’re looking to develop a range of options that may help councils achieve these new outcomes. This includes assisting with resources and capability, where required, to help with council-led business cases, procurement and delivery.

We have established two joint agency groups with Local Government New Zealand to support this work. The first is a Sector Reference Group created to provide advice, frame-up discussions on the draft GPS, and prepare for the strategic changes needed in RLTPs. The second is a Governance Group that provides leadership and addresses barriers in responding to the change. Both groups will continue to meet throughout coming months to finalise and implement a work programme that ensures the NLTP delivers the best outcomes for our cities, towns and districts.

We also released the draft Transport Agency Investment Proposal (TAIP) at the end of last month. This is our proposed programme of activities to be funded over the next 10 years from the National Land Transport Fund to give effect to the draft GPS. It includes proposals for state highways, rapid transit, transitional rail, nationally-delivered programmes and road policing. It is important these projects form part of your RLTP to be included in the 2018-21 NLTP.

The TAIP provides an indication of which projects are likely to proceed based on the new investment criteria within the draft GPS and where projects will need to be re-evaluated, looking at the whole transport corridor and considering what works could be undertaken to better manage safety and resilience outcomes. The TAIP will be finalised as part of the 2018-21 NLTP that will be adopted by 31 August. It is expected there will be a number of variations to RLTPs during the three-year period to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the draft GPS.

We recently let you know the Transport Agency Board’s indicative funding level decision for your continuous programmes, as part of developing the NLTP. The Board will confirm the funding allocations for these programmes when it adopts the NLTP.  Please contact your Transport Agency regional advisor to discuss any proposed amendments to your programmes or email If you wish to discuss high level aspects of the indicative funding allocations, please contact your Director Regional Relationships (DRR).

Please contact you investment advisor or DRR with any questions about your continuous programmes or improvement activity proposals, the draft IAF, or anything else related to the NLTP or email

Kind regards

Jenny Chetwynd
General Manager Strategy, Policy and Planning