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September 2017 NLTP Dialogue

As the sector progresses through the 2018-2021 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) process, the NZ Transport Agency is working to take a more collaborative and customer-centric approach to delivering a transport system. We are working towards a system that is integrated and responsive to change by delivering easy, connected and safe journeys.

This September 2017 Dialogue follows the May 2017 Dialogue. The dialogues are to assist with development of regional land transport plans and funding proposals for the NLTP that are best placed to give effect to the draft 2018 Government Policy Statement (GPS) on land transport.

As with the May NLTP Dialogue, the September NLTP Dialogue reflects much of the feedback we have received from you, our local government partners, and is intended to help our partners better understand the process of preparing bids and what constitutes a successful bid.

The 2018-21 NLTP timeline of key dates is available. We will work with you to have all regional land transport plans reviewed and submitted via TIO by 30 April 2018.

Other key dates include:

  • 20 October – firm bids for continuous programmes, including a response to any issues raised by the Transport Agency, agreement on being fit for purpose, or agreement with the Transport Agency for an improvement plan to be implemented in 2018-21 to address the issues raised.
  • 16 December – final bids for continuous programmes are due, with no outstanding issues remaining.

If there are any other aspects you would like further information about as part of the process of shaping the 2018-21 NLTP together, please contact us.

Part One: Responding to your feedback

Earlier this year, we talked with our local government partners about the draft Long Term Strategic View (LTSV). It’s part of developing a shared view of the transport system, and its challenges and opportunities out to a 30 year horizon.

Part Two: Useful additional information

This page contains useful information as you work through your land transport programmes and RLTP reviews.