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Aeriaa view of Auckland Harbour Bridge at night

Auckland’s first walking and cycling connection across the Waitematā Harbour provides one of the critical links in completing the city’s walking and cycling network.

Once completed, the project which includes extending the shared path along the harbour to Takapuna, will enable Aucklanders and tourists to enjoy a city-wide network of walking and cycling facilities.

The NZ Upgrade Programme is providing $360 million to build the new shared walking and cycling facility between Westhaven in the city, across Waitematā Harbour and through to Esmonde Road, with connections to Northcote and Takapuna. It will cross the Waitematā Harbour alongside the Harbour Bridge, at the same level as the traffic lanes before landing on the northern side of the harbour where the shared path will run adjacent to the Northern Motorway (State Highway 1) to Takapuna.

With other work planned and underway, it will link into shared facilities that extend from Northcote through to Albany. From the city, the network links through the CBD to Grafton Gully to the Northwestern Motorway and Waterview, and then south to Manukau and Auckland Airport. It will connect to the shared path running through the eastern suburbs to Tamaki.

Building this missing link in the network will provide real choice for how Aucklanders on both sides of the harbour access work, services, facilities and enjoy recreation opportunities.

The shared path is part of the Auckland’s Better Travel Choice Mode Shift Plan which aims to provide better access and greater choice for residents to adopt new ways to move about the city. This is important with Auckland’s population expected to increase by up to one million in the next 30 years.

This project will help ensure people don’t have to continue to rely on private vehicle use. It provides an important link across the harbour and opens up a safe network of shared paths for people to move easily about on foot or by bike.

Find out more about the Northern Pathway project


Improved walking and cycling facilities

More reliable commuter journeys



2km shared path built over the Harbour Bridge

3km of shared path from Northcote to Esmonde Road (Takapuna)


$360 million


Construction starts
– early 2021

Construction completed
– 2023/2024

Project map

Illustrated map showing the Auckland cycling and walking project areaDownload map [JPG, 800 KB]


Project timeline

Breakdown of the Auckland cycling and walking project timeline

Enhancing walking and cycling

More reliable commuter times