This page relates to the 2024-27 National Land Transport Programme.

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An update to reflect the Government Policy Statement on land transport 2024 is under way. 


Work category 140 enables funding from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) for the response to minor, short-duration, natural events that reduce service levels on part of the transport network.

Qualifying activities

Work category 140 is available to the following activity classes:

  • local road maintenance
  • state highway maintenance.

Local road and state highway maintenance

Examples of qualifying activities

Examples of qualifying activities include, but may not be limited to:

  • any activities that would otherwise qualify as emergency works under work category 141 except that the total cost of the works is less than $100,000 per event per approved organisation or NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi (NZTA; for its own activities in the region) – these include but are not limited to:
    • removal of rocks and slip material from roads, public footpaths and cycleways that have resulted from minor events
    • repairs to road, public footpaths and cycleway surfaces in response to minor events
    • reinstatement of network facilities damaged as a result of a minor event.

Work category 141: emergency works

 You can discuss with us (NZTA as investor) whether other potential activities not listed above might also be eligible for inclusion in this work category.


Work category 140 excludes any activities excluded under work category 141, which are but not limited to:

  • the effects of scour, degradation, aggradation and land movements that have accumulated over time
  • costs of damage or deficiencies from land movements that have not been triggered by a specific event
  • the repair of any damage to work under construction, including within the post-construction maintenance period – this is a charge to the activity under construction and is expected to be covered by the supplier's insurance
  • any damage that is the result of a human intervention or incident, for example caused by a vehicle crash or operational activity
  • improvements associated with permanent reinstatement – these should be assessed and prioritised as improvement activities, separate from the emergency works funding application and, if approved, funded from the appropriate improvement activity class and work category
  • costs to respond to damage that may be caused by qualifying events but the activities are not eligible for NLTF, for example aesthetic treatments on berms, shoulders, medians and traffic islands.

Work category 141: emergency works

Funding assistance rates

The usual funding assistance rate (FAR) is:



  • 100% of NZTA state highway costs.

Submitting activities for NLTP consideration and funding approval

Approved organisations and NZTA (for its own activities) submit their response to minor events activities for NLTP consideration and funding approval using the maintenance, operations and renewals template in Transport Investment Online (TIO).

Transport Investment Online(external link)

For guidance on using TIO, see the TIO learning and guidance page on our website.

Transport Investment Online (TIO) learning and guidance

Programme management

The management of the maintenance programme, which includes the transfer of funding between work categories within the activity class, is delegated to approved organisations and NZTA (for its own activities). Funding may be transferred into and out of work category 140, depending on the volume of events during the 3-year NLTP.

End-of-year reconciliation

At the end of each year, work category 141 approvals are reconciled to claims. Any application that does not qualify as emergency works due to the total cost being less than $100,000 will be moved to work category 140 and its FAR adjusted.

Work category 141: emergency works