This page relates to the 2024-27 National Land Transport Programme.

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An update to reflect the Government Policy Statement on land transport 2024 is under way. 


Work category 171 provides for grants to approved organisations at the discretion of NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi (NZTA; as investor).

Qualifying activities

Work category 171 is available to the local road maintenance activity class.

Local road and state highway maintenance

Examples of qualifying activities

Examples of qualifying activity include:

  • a grant made to support the revocation and transfer of a road or road section from being a state highway to a local road which will in future be funded at the approved organisation’s normal funding assistance rate – the grant must not increase the local share of the maintenance programme costs by more than 3% over that allocated for the full year prior to the transfer.

You can discuss with us (NZTA as investor) whether other potential activities not listed above might also be eligible for inclusion in this work category.


The work category excludes:

  • costs to ensure the road is in a fit-for-purpose condition prior to the transfer of ownership and all costs associated with the revocation process – these are funded under the relevant state highway maintenance or improvement activity class and work categories.

Funding assistance rate

The usual funding assistance rate is:

  • 100% of the grant.

Submitting activities for National Land Transport Programme consideration and funding approval

Approved organisations submit these activities using the improvements template in Transport Investment Online (TIO).

Transport Investment Online(external link)

For guidance on using TIO, see the TIO learning and guidance page on our website.

Transport Investment Online (TIO) learning and guidance