The Planning and Investment Knowledge Base sets out the principles, policies and processes for all investment from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF). This sets the requirements for all organisations to plan, develop and manage the activities for which they seek funding assistance from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

Information is provided by investment period, the three-year National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). It is further broken down into sections about:

  • the principles and policies that underpin NLTF investments
  • the planning and statutory framework for land transport planning and investment
  • activity classes and work categories
  • funding assistance rates
  • the prioritisation of investments
  • how to develop new transport programmes
  • how to manage transport programmes and activities throughout the NLTP
  • how investments must be monitored and reported on.

Information about the current and the upcoming NLTP can be accessed directly from the home page. For past NLTPs, please refer to the archive.



Waka Kotahi may review and amend investment requirements and policies at any time, including in response to any changes in the Government Policy Statement on land transport.