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This work category provides for the capital cost of all new or improved public transport facilities and infrastructure, exceeding $1,000,000 per activity, and like-for-like replacement/renewal of public transport facilities and infrastructure of more than $5 million total cost per activity.

Qualifying activities 

The work category includes a range of qualifying activites.

  • Examples of qualifying activities

    Examples of qualifying activities

    Examples of qualifying activities (primarily related to catering for contracted services) include, but may not be limited to:

    • rail stations, interchanges or terminals, shelters and ferry berthing facilities
    • like-for-like replacement of public transport facilities and infrastructure with a total cost of more than $5 million per activity
    • bus parking facilities
    • bus or transit lane/priority improvements, and busways
    • enabling work required to accommodate public transport on existing carriageways
    • IT system implementation and upgrades, including electronic ticketing and real-time system infrastructure
    • safety and security installation and upgrades
    • signalling upgrades for the efficient operation of bus or ferry services
    • park and ride infrastructure including cycle storage facilities
    • pedestrian and cycle access to public transport services
    • loan repayments and servicing costs related to public transport infrastructure as agreed by the Transport Agency
    • property purchase – see Property purchase section below.

    Other potential activities that are not in the above list of examples should be discussed with the Transport Agency for eligibility.

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Property purchase

Funding for property purchases for public transport infrastructure improvements is assisted under this work category. The principles and conditions set out in the relevant work category below apply to property purchases for this work category:

Where the property purchase cost for a project exceeds $500,000 for a project, a Property phase must be set up in Transport Investment Online(external link) (TIO). Where the property cost is up to $500,000, the cost may be included in the construction/implementation phase.


A range of exclusions applies to the work category.

  • Exclusions


    The work category excludes:

    • infrastructure and service improvements costing under $1,000,000 per activity and funded under the approved organisation’s normal funding assistance rate (FAR), these are provided for under Work category 532: Low cost, low risk public transport improvements
    • like-for-like replacement and renewal of public transport facilities and infrastructure of up to $5 million per activity, these are provided for under Work category 514: Public transport facilities operations and maintenance
    • the operation and maintenance of technology based systems, these are provided for under Work category 524: Public transport information supply, operations and maintenance
    • rail facilities related to tracks, traction equipment or signals required for the operation of passenger rail services
    • rolling stock accommodated as improvements operationalised across the life of the infrastructure within Work category 515: Passenger rail services, and
    • facilities not owned by an approved organisation, unless there is an executed agreement on its public use and charges for use
    • infrastructure provision to cater for commercial passenger transport services not captured in a regional public transport plan.
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Funding assistance rate (FAR)

The usual funding assistance rate is:


Applying for funding approval

Applications for funding approval should be made through:

End of year carryover

TIO(external link) will automatically carry over the unspent allocation every year. Therefore it is vital that approved organisations and the Transport Agency (state highways) declare as surplus the unused allocation for completed projects by making a cost-scope adjustment via the Reviews module in TIO.