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This work category provides for off-vehicle management, operations and maintenance (including like for like replacement) costs for the information provision and related functions that support the delivery of bus, ferry and rail public transport services and Total Mobility.

Qualifying activities

The work category includes a range of qualifying activities.

  • Examples of qualifying activities

    Examples of qualifying activites

    Examples of qualifying activities include, but may not be limited to:

    • marketing and promotional activities including timetable information and displays,
    • operation of call centres,
    • operation and maintenance of real time information systems and ticketing systems including management and analysis of the data generated by electronic ticketing and real time information systems,
    • preparation and production of reports including user satisfaction surveys  for the information of government or the public,
    • routine maintenance and updating of public transport planning documents, such as regular updates of the statistics and indicators contained in Regional Public Transport Plans, and
    • loan repayments where agreed by the Transport Agency.

    Other potential activities that are not in the above list of examples should be discussed with the Transport Agency for eligibility.

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A range of exclusions applies to the work category.

Funding assistance rate (FAR)

The usual funding assistance rate is:

Applying for funding approval

Applications for funding approval should be made through:

Refer to the Public transport activity class guidance for definitions of existing services and improvements.