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The Railways Act 2005(external link) promotes the safety of rail operations. Part 3 of the act sets out the law relating to management of the rail corridor. In several places, it also clarifies the responsibilities of approved organisations who are road-controlling authorities, the Transport Agency (state highways) and rail access providers.

Pertinent sections of the act

The sections of the act that especially affect approved organisations who are road-controlling authorities and the Transport Agency (state highways) are noted below:

  • s.74 – railway drains
  • s.75 – easements over railway land
  • s.76 – lights and signs near a railway
  • s.77 – prevention of damage to railway
  • s.81 – warning devices at level crossings
  • s.82 – gates and cattle stops
  • s.83 – maintenance of railway crossings
  • s.84 – management of railway along or across a road
  • s.86 – rights of entry
  • s.87 – maintenance of rail infrastructure on roads
  • s.88 – notice before alteration of rail infrastructure on roads
  • s.91 – charging for access to road reserve.