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This work category provides for the operation, maintenance and power costs of traffic signals and other traffic management equipment and facilities.

Qualifying activities

The work category includes a range of qualifying activities.

  • Examples of qualifying activities

    Examples of qualifying activities

    Examples of qualifying activities include, but may not be limited to:

    • operation, maintenance and power costs of:
      • traffic signals
      • Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)
      • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
      • area-wide traffic control systems, including update of software
      • Local Area Traffic Management Schemes (LATMS), including speed control devices and threshold treatments
      • ramp metering
      • surveillance devices
      • traffic monitoring equipment, such as closed-circuit television systems
      • tunnel ventilation systems operation, fire control and emergency response preparedness
      • Joint Transport Operations Centres (JTOC) labour costs
      • emergency telephones on motorways
      • weighing facilities owned by an Approved Organisation or the Transport Agency (state highways) and/or operated as a weight surveillance facility
    • incident response and management.

    Other potential activities that are not in the above list should be discussed with the Transport Agency for eligibility.

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A range of exclusions applies to the work category.

  • Exclusions


    The work category excludes:

    • Staff time for the operation of closed-circuit television systems (unless with a JTOC) – this is not eligible for funding assistance.
    • The reinstatement of facilities maintained under this work category that is caused by renewal or construction/implementation activity – this shall be charged to the renewal or construction/implementation project.
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Funding assistance rate

The usual funding assistance rate is:

Applying for funding approval

Applications for funding approval should be made through the Maintenance module in Transport Investment Online(external link) (TIO).


For detail about: