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The Transport Agency requires that all projects in the research programme undergo external peer reviews. The participation of peer reviewers is integral to the success of the research programme and ensures that the Transport Agency receives a satisfactory report at the completion of a research project.

Timing of peer review

Peer reviews are required on completion of a research project and before the presentation of any final report to the Transport Agency for editing and publishing. Peer reviews may also be required after the completion of individual stages or tasks if specified as milestones in the approved research project plan.

The researcher must organise the peer reviewers and peer review process. This requirement is set out in the procurement documents for research projects.

The research proposal must include a clear description of the reviews that will be undertaken during the course of the project, at what point those reviews will be completed, and by whom. The reviewers must be expert peers or users who will have given their prior agreement to the project’s timeframe. This will ensure the timely provision of comments or advice.

Nomination for peer reviewer

Peer reviewers independently review research reports, whereas steering group members may be called on to act as mentors during the progress of a project.

Reviewers are often in a position to provide guidance and professional advice.

Further information

Peer review guidelines and the agreement form for research projects are available on the Transport Agency's website.