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This section sets out the information about activities invested in through the Road Policing Programme which is prepared by the Transport Agency, approved by the Minister of Transport and delivered by NZ Police. The Road Policing Programme is funded through Vote Police but the investment source is the National Land Transport Fund. See sections 18I(external link) to s18M(external link) of the Land Transport Management Act(external link).

Police activities approved by the Minister must be included in the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP), as stated in section 19C(e) of the Land Transport Management Act 2003(external link).

The Transport Agency monitors and reports on delivery of the programme, as stated in section 102 of the Land Transport Management Act 2003.(external link)


The following details apply to the 2015-18 NLTP.

Government expectations

The government has set out its expectations of the land transport system in the 2015 Government Policy Statement on Land Transport(external link) (GPS).

The government expects these short to medium term results from National Land Transport Fund investment in Road safety promotion:

  • progress the Safer Journeys Action Plan
  • improved transparency of road safety related investment
  • improved reporting of the measurable value from economic compliance, including policing of road user charges

And expects these longer term results:

  • reduction in deaths and serious injuries
  • effective on-road enforcement of the Road User Charges regime.

Examples of activities

Activities within this work category in the main contribute to road safety, but also to economic growth and productivity, and are:

  • Speed
  • High risk drivers
  • Young drivers
  • Motorcycling
  • Alcohol/drug impaired driving
  • Economic enforcement
  • Restraints
  • Heavy vehicle fleet
  • Crash attendance and reporting
  • Roads and roadsides
  • Light vehicle fleet
  • Walking and cycling
  • Fatigue and distraction
  • Older road users.


Exclusions include:

  • Regulatory activities delivered by other agencies.

Developing the road policing programme

To access funding from the NLTF, the road policing programme is developed through the 'Improvement activity' module in Transport Investment Online (TIO).

For the process and guidance for developing the road policing programme see Development of the Road Policing Programme.


Road policing activities are approved through Vote Police with the funding source being the nationally distributed (N) funds from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF). The approved programme is funded 100% from the NLTF.

TIO inputs for road improvement activities

The Road Policing Programme and any improvement projects that are put forward as individual applications are developed through the 'Improvement activity' module in Transport Investment Online (TIO), which is a generic module covering the full range of improvements funded by the Transport Agency.

The Transport Agency expects the NZ Police to follow the Transport Agency’s Planning and Investment Principles  in developing its programme and projects.

The module consists of the following sections:

Project level screens
Improvement activity outline  Content should be based on the principles of the Business Case Approach. Much of the evidence around the project context will be contained in the latest Road Policing Investment Proposal and the draft Road Policing Programme, which are critical documents to support the programme/project and its funding application.  
Improvement activity name "Road Policing Programme 20XX-XX" for the programme, otherwise enter specific project name. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Your reference A programme/project identifier may be entered. Optional
Activity description A brief (one or two sentences) description of the output of the programme/project. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Main problem/ opportunity The main problem(s)/opportunity(ies) should have been identified in the documentation supporting the programme and in the activity level strategic case for the project. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Is the strategic case still current? Click on "Yes" if the strategic case in supporting documentation is agreed by the Transport Agency. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Strategic case Upload the strategic case document that sets out the problem statement(s), identifies the benefits of addressing the problem(s) and demonstrates the process to arrive at these was robust and involved relevant stakeholders. Required for Funding approval
NZTA Specific The Transport Agency person responsible for recommending the funding approval confirms the strategic case is current and fit for purpose. Required for Funding approval
Select programme or sub-programme Ignore.  
Primary short to medium term impact Select from the drop down list the main impact delivered by the project. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Objectives The programme/project objectives need to be stated here. What outcomes are being sought from the programme? Reference should be made to the supporting documentation. Objectives should be SMART - specific, measureable, achievable/affordable, relevant/realistic and time-bound. (Note - this is required under the LTMA.) Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Other short to medium term impacts Tick other impacts delivered by the project in the list as appropriate. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Describe the background Provide a brief description of the context for the programme/project. This would include a summary of key development points in its history. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
NZTA specific - Is this improvement activity nominated for performance measures and targets? Press "No".  
Description Enter "Nationally delivered activity" for the programme. It is likely that projects will be delivered nationally as well, but there may be exceptions. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Location map Provide a location map if relevant for a project. Optional
Geospatial information     
Projection Mandatory field - see help text for guidance. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval

Co-ordinates, or zip file

Either enter general coordinates of the extents of your application, or provide a zip file containing GIS files showing coordinates of investment proposal. For the programme the coordinates will cover all of New Zealand.

Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Benefit and cost spreadsheets 




Download spreadsheet template

Use of the template for is mandatory.

For the Road Policing Programme, provide a template with sufficient information to enable it to upload - zeros in the numeric fields will be accepted.

For a project, the template should provide evidence of the benefits that will be delivered, if not a benefit-cost ratio.

Required for Funding approval

Benefit and cost appraisal data

These fields will be populated automatically from the mandatory spreadsheet template, provided it is completed correctly.

Required for Funding approval


Total capital construction costs

For the programme - enter zero.

For a project, if there is a capital cost, enter the total capital cost in nominal terms over the expenditure period at this field. This cost must include an estimate for input cost increases (escalation) so that it relates directly to funding, which is forecast in nominal terms.

Required for Funding approval

Total net property cost

For the programme - enter zero.

For a project, if property is being purchased using NLTF funds, enter the net property cost estimate, after surplus property sales/disposal, at this field. An estimate of current market value should be provided.

Required for Funding approval

Total implementation costs

For the programme - enter the full cost of the programme over the NLTP period.

For a project, if there are implementation costs over and above capital construction and property costs, enter them at this field. This may include initial maintenance costs, if these are part of the construction contract.

Required for Funding approval

Total new operating costs

For the programme - enter zero.

For a project, if it results in an increase in operating costs, the present value of these costs, discounted at 6% real over the 40 year evaluation period, should be entered at this field.

Required for Funding approval

95th percentile total cost

For the programme - enter the full implementation cost from "Total implementation costs" above in both fields.

For a project, risk analysis, using Monte Carlo simulation, is required for improvement projects at various stages in the business case approach. Guidance is provided in the Transport Agency's Risk Management Manual Z-44 (external link)- refer to Page 11.

Required for Funding approval 

5th percentile total cost

Assessment of the programme   Uses the Transport Agency's Investment Assessment Framework - refer to Assessment of Road Policing Programme.  
Programme owner assessment

For the Road Policing Programme and any projects, the Transport Agency will complete both assessments in TIO.

Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
NZTA assessment
Contact details Contact details of programme owner representative. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Supporting documents Upload any relevant documents that provide evidence to support the request for funding. The Transport Agency should upload relevant documents relating to the recommendation for funding approval and investment decision, including the Board's resolutions and the Minister's approval. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval
Phase level screens 
Phases summary

For the programme only one phase, "Implementation", will be shown.

For a project, there may be multiple phases linked to the business case stages.

'Add a phase' Select from left hand menu. If you are revising information for an existing phase, select that phase from the menu.  
Improvement activity name Completed automatically.  
Phase label Provides the opportunity for the project owner to name the phase.  Optional
Phase type

For the programme, select "Implementation".

For a project, select the appropriate business case approach stages of Indicative business case, Detailed business case, Pre-implementation and Implementation.

Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval.
Phase reference The project owners reference used to identify the project and/or phase. Optional
Work category mapping year Usually the year in which the phase is approved. Required for Funding approval.
Phase scope Describes the output that will be delivered by the phase. Required for Funding approval.
Work category Select Work category 711: Road policing. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval.
Special FAR?

This defaults to "No", which is appropriate to all road policing activities.

Cost table Enter total costs for each year and supplementary funding, if any. The costs entered are nominal and will be presumed by the Transport Agency(planning & investment) to include an allowance for input cost increases over time (escalation). Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval.
Total expected construction/ implementation cost Automatically completed from the 'Funding' screen at project level.  
Add additional years The cash-flow table can be extended beyond the standard ten year format. Optional - if required.
Duration of activity Automatically completed based on the cost table. Satisfies a legislative requirement. Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval.
NZTA recommendations The Transport Agency(planning & investment) representative completes this section, which relates to the decision to include the activity in the NLTP. The recommendation will be confirmed before the NLTP is adopted. The recommendation for funding approval is made at a Review, which is a separate screen in TIO.  
 Activity class type  'NLTF-improvement' is the default and should be selected.



Required for NLTP inclusion and Funding approval.
Confidence The Transport Agency(planning & investment) representative considers the likelihood of the phase being progressed to a funding application in the NLTP period. The rating is converted to a probability, e.g. 'very high' = 95%, and the costs in the NLTP period multiplied by the probability to provide a risk adjusted funding estimate. Summing up all the phases in activity classes assists the Transport Agency(planning & investment) to set activity class funding allocations and investment thresholds. Required for NLTP inclusion.
Funding priority

The Transport Agency(planning & investment) recommends one of the following:

  • Recommended - redundant, to be removed.
  • Probable - to be included in the NLTP and, based on evidence provided, is likely to be approved for funding when the application is received.
  • Proposed - to be included in the NLTP but insufficient evidence provided to arrive at a conclusion about likelihood of funding approval - the evidence will need to be provided when a funding application is made, and could result in the activity falling below the Transport Agency's investment threshold.
  • Start year outside the NLTP period - not included in the NLTP under development as the project starts in a future NLTP.
  • Not included in the NLTP - either because the project is not eligible for funding from the NLTF or because it is below the Transport Agency's investment threshold.
Required for NLTP inclusion.