Arataki September 2023 v1.1 updates the March 2023 release to reflect the severe weather events of 2023 and make minor corrections throughout the content. Fifteen new information layers were also added to the Arataki maps along with changes to three existing layers. More detail about these layers is outlined in the Arataki methodology.

Our current network map shows the existing land transport network in Aotearoa New Zealand. It displays: 

  • state highway and rail network connections plus planned projects and activities 
  • national and regional strategic transport links. 

Additional layers can be selected for further information.  

Introduction to geospatial maps and layers [PDF, 378 KB]

Arataki methodology has more information about how this map was developed and can be used.

Arataki methodology [PDF, 17 MB]

This is an ongoing and evolving process towards building a full-system plan. For this version, we have added more detail and started our journey towards building a fuller picture of what is needed to achieve the Transport outcomes framework set by Te Manatū Waka Ministry of Transport. 

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