The September 2023 v1.1 release of Arataki includes updates to reflect the severe weather events of 2023 and make minor corrections.

The next 30 years will see significant changes in Aotearoa that will greatly impact the form and function of the land transport system.  

Integrated land-use and transport system planning plays a critical role in getting the best from our land transport system. It is one of the most effective ways of creating safer, better connected, and more accessible communities. It also drives benefits across all the transport outcomes.  

Transport plays a key role in shaping places. To achieve this, the land transport system will need to evolve and respond to support all users, through a fair and equitable approach.   

National directions identify the types of activities at a national ‘system-wide’ level considered necessary to achieve long-term outcomes, government priorities, and objectives for the land transport system. It looks across a range of levers that we can use directly, or in partnership with others, to contribute to the future land transport system.  

At a national level, the land transport system will need to: 

  • achieve shared outcomes with our partners 
  • maximise the benefits of technology, data, and innovation 
  • maximise value from transport infrastructure and services 
  • support urban areas that are great to live in 
  • support prosperous rural communities. 

National directions addresses what the land transport system needs to deliver. It also outlines how approaches need to shift to deliver change in a more effective and efficient way. It includes directions for each of the five transport outcomes from Te Manatū Waka Ministry of Transport.  

Arataki national directions [PDF, 3.5 MB]