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In developing the Long Term Strategic View (the View), we have focused on those parts of the country that reflect current Government priorities of facilitating economic growth and productivity, enabling urban development, and supporting regional economic development. These are included in the View under the following headings:

Strategic context

The descriptions of the Upper North Island, Lower North Island and South Island provide the overall context for each area. They outline the defining demographics and economic characteristics of the regions, and give a narrative of the existing transport system and the value it provides to the regions. We take this information and give a perspective on the Future Change Drivers.

Inter-regional journeys

These are the nationally significant journeys connecting regions that sustain our economy. They link major urban areas and production centres to international ports and other gateways.
A safe, reliable and resilient network is needed to support economic growth and to provide confidence for investment.

Growth centres

These are the urban centres that are identified in the National Policy Statement for Urban Development Capacity as being the highest priority for urban growth. They are the centres that are forecast to experience medium (5-10%) or high (>10%) population growth over the period from 2013-2023. The View considers the range of transport interventions that will be required in each centre to support and enable growth, including transport choice, demand management, network optimisation and new infrastructure and services.

Regional Economic Development areas

Through the Regional Growth Programme the Government has partnered with a number of regions to identify potential growth opportunities and help increase jobs, income and investment in regional New Zealand. The View considers the opportunities for transport to support and enable economic growth and productivity in these regions.

As part of engaging with stakeholders on the View, we will assess if there are other issues or areas that need to be represented in the View. The criteria will include whether an area is experiencing (or is forecast to experience) levels of growth that are nationally significant, or if there are emerging strategic transport issues or opportunities that are not currently captured in the View.

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