Our role in planning and investment

Planning and investing in the land transport system are key roles in meeting our responsibility as set out by government in the Land Transport Management Act.

Our responsibilities

Our board has statutory independent decision making responsibilities for the allocation and investment of the National Land Transport Fund.

Our primary planning and investment functions include:

  • promoting an affordable, integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable land transport system
  • giving effect to the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport  2014/15–2024/25(external link) (GPS) 
  • investing in transport activities throughout New Zealand, eg local roads, public transport and the road policing
  • planning and management of the state highway system
  • delivering or managing the delivery of activities such as research, education and coastal shipping
  • advising and working with approved organisations, ie regional and territorial local authorities.

We also:

  • determine whether particular activities should be included in the National Land Transport Programme
  • approve investment in activities as outlined under section 20 of the Land Transport Management Act 2003(LTMA)
  • approve procurement procedures
  • enforce the provisions required of us by law.

Further, under the Public Transport Management Act 2008 we’re required to produce guidelines for, and monitor the development of, regional public transport plans.

At a regional level, we undertake various transport and investment activities through our regional offices. Our regional planning and investment people are responsible for:

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