The Transport Insights web portal consolidates roading, financial and other statistical information from a range of sources to provide insight into the performance of the transport sector in New Zealand.

Transport Insights web portal(external link)

Screenshot from the Transport insights web portal showing a map of New Zealand

Screenshot from the Transport Insights web portal

Trend analysis

The portal provides trend analysis as well as comparative analysis for:

  • Road Controlling Authorities
  • regional reporting
  • national reporting.
Screenshot from the Transport insights web portal showing a bar graph

Screenshot from the Transport insights web portal

Data sources and validation

Transport Insights consolidates data from a range of sources including:

Evolving Transport Excellence - Unveiling the enhanced transport insights (RIMS forum March 2024) [MP4, 38 MB]


This web portal was built in 2015 to report on the One Network Road Classification (ONRC) Performance Measures. The web portal was initially called the ONRC Performance Measures Reporting Tool (PMRT); later the name changed to REG Insights.

The web portal has been renamed Transport Insights as it provides extensive features and analysis to the transport sector for a range of initiatives including:

Upcoming features

Transport Insights will continue to expand to support new initiatives including:

Import checklist

  • Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) run an import process in Transport Insights at the end of each financial year to transfer information into the web portal. Transport Insights generates analysis and reports based on this data from the RCAs as well as from other sources.
  • A checklist is provided to help RCAs ensure they have updated all their data correctly before they run the final import for the year.

Data validation

  • Transport Insights performs data validation and data quality checks on the information accessed for each RCA.
  • Data validation identifies missing or incorrect data that will have a detrimental effect on reporting, such as sections of road that have not been classified.
  • RCAs can run early imports to identify data that needs to be corrected for the year.