Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership recognises that individually and collectively as a sector we must ensure we have the right teams of appropriately skilled and experienced staff to plan for and deliver great service to our customers.

The Asset Management Competency Framework (AMCF) helps individuals and organisations to measure their capability and supports them to make smart decisions regarding staff skills and workforce development.

Right now, our people are expected to deliver for our communities under extraordinary pressures. By applying an assessment of your staff, organisations will get an objective scorecard of your team. The AMCF allows organisations to measure levels then identify appropriate competencies for different aspects of asset management.

Developing this approach was important because our sector holds the mandate from the public to manage activities and assets appropriately. Organisations also have legal obligations associated with their stewardship approach.

The AMCF is built on best practice and aligns with the ISO 55000 asset management standard. This assessment tool has been set up in an asset agnostic manner so it will be able to be used across other council asset types too.

Te Ringa Maimoa acknowledges the significant industry input from local government, industry groups, and the consultant and supplier fraternities in the development of the AMCF.

To support structured use of the AMCF, Te Ringa Maimoa has built a survey and reporting tool for the sector that will allow professionals to begin on an improvement journey. The data from this tool can also provide insights and help define the next steps to better support the sector and career pathways.

The AMCF survey tool was launched in June 2022 as a module within the Te Ringa Maimoa Transport insights portal.

Transport insights portal(external link)