Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership has delivered a comprehensive Learning and Development Programme to all Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) since 2015. The aim is to help the sector to support themselves, with both RCAs and Waka Kotahi learning and developing together.

The Learning and Development Programme consists of regional workshops, guidance and resources, online material, and associated learning opportunities. These workshops provide all RCAs with facilitated opportunities to promote the growth of capability in the sector through shared learning experiences. 

The Learning and Development Programme is designed to support the overall strategic outcomes of Te Ringa Maimoa - helping promote positive culture change in the sector as well as supporting the sector to understand and utilise new frameworks, principles and promote a higher level of critical thinking with a customer focus.

The Learning and Development Programme supports Te Ringa Maimoa to successfully deliver on the Kaitiaki Programme benefits through:

  • enhancing the sector’s ability to make change
  • developing and supporting change agents
  • growing leaders
  • building the sector’s capability and competency
  • providing a collaborative platform for engagement and building buy-in
  • learning from the past to enhance our national ability to meet future challenges
  • creating a learning environment to test, co-develop, and co-design.

The sector excellence work group provides direct oversight of the Learning and Development Programme and workshop performance on behalf of the Te Ringa Maimoa Leadership Group.

Tools for telling an RCA’s investment story

Examples of investment storytelling:

Guide: How to communicate effectively [PDF, 186 KB]