Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership has developed a Procurement Competency Framework (PCF) to be used as a complementary framework to the Te Ringa Maimoa Asset Management Competency Framework (AMCF). 

Procurement Competency Framework [PDF, 274 KB]

The AMCF was developed to provide governance, management, asset managers and engineers with a structure to understand the capability required at an organisational and individual level.

When AMCF was first developed it was deliberately kept broad, as there are many facets that make up asset management. Now, Te Ringa Maimoa is beginning to focus on some of the more specialist areas that contribute to the overall outcomes for the transport sector.

Procurement is one of those specialist areas, it influences the delivery of asset management in an organisation. The PCF will enable procurement professionals and asset managers to improve the sector wide approach, attract and retain expertise and grow sector confidence.

The PCF has been purposefully designed to complement the AMCF. It also aligns directly with Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment procurement guidance and training material, International Organisation for Standardisation and other global procurement standards.