As construction of the Ara Tūhono - Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway continues, Waka Kotahi and Auckland Transport are working together to change the status of the main road that runs from Pūhoi to Warkworth, from a state highway to a local road. This process, known as revocation, will eventually transfer responsibility for the old state highway to Auckland Transport.

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At the time of handover, the road must be fit for purpose in relation to its transport functions. Fit for purpose means that at the time of handover the revoked section of state highway will provide a level of service equivalent to other roads providing a similar function within the local road network.

Traffic volumes on this corridor will reduce when the motorway opens but it will remain a key route for local traffic and those wishing to use the toll-free Hibiscus Highway route as there is no southbound exit from the new motorway before the Northern Gateway Toll Road. Currently around 20,000 vehicles per day are using this route and we expect traffic volumes to reduce to around 6,000 vehicles per day when the new motorway opens.

Renaming the old SH1

As part of the 'revocation' process to make SH1 a local road, it will lose its classification as a state highway and will be renamed. It can no longer be called a state highway for address and identification purposes. This process will be managed by Auckland Transport.