Auckland Council notified the Warkworth to Wellsford application on Monday 18 May 2020 and submissions closed on 29 June 2020.

The Council hearing was held in Warkworth between Tuesday 6 October 2020 and Thursday 15 October 2020.

On 25 March 2021, Auckland Council granted resource consents, subject to conditions, for the Warkworth to Wellsford project. Council also recommended Waka Kotahi confirm the Notice of Requirement (NoR). The appeal periods for resource consents and NoR have now closed and several appeals have been filed with the Environment Court.

Once the Environment Court process has concluded Waka Kotahi will provide further information on the outcome of this process.

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Consent application documents

Notification summary [PDF, 623 KB]

Form 18:

Assessment of effects on the environment:

Water assessment report:

Existing water quality report [PDF, 10 MB]

Construction water management design [PDF, 9.3 MB]

Catchment sediment modelling [PDF, 14 MB]

Assessment of coastal sediment:

Operational water design technical report [PDF, 9 MB]

Operational water – Road runoff technical report [PDF, 8 MB]

Hydrological assessment technical report [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Flood modelling technical report [PDF, 16 MB]

Hydrogeology assessment [PDF, 11 MB]

Ecology assessment:

Marine ecology and coastal avifauna assessment [PDF, 8.1 MB]

Construction traffic assessment [PDF, 13 MB]

Construction noise and vibration assessment [PDF, 9.1 MB]

Air quality assessment [PDF, 10 MB]

Historic heritage assessment [PDF, 14 MB]

Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment:

Operational transport assessment [PDF, 10 MB]

Operation noise and vibration assessment [PDF, 10 MB]

Volume 3: drawing set [PDF, 2.6 MB]

Proposed designation and indicative alignment plan [PDF, 10 MB]

Southbound alignment plan and longitudinal section [PDF, 6.1 MB]

Structures location plan [PDF, 4.7 MB]

Operational water management plan:

Construction water management:

Groundwater longitudinal section [PDF, 14 MB]

Marine ecological assessment [PDF, 7 MB]

Operational noise assessment [PDF, 6.5 MB]

Ecological assessments:

Priority ecological sites [PDF, 5.4 MB]

Landscape and ecological mitigation map [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Landscape visual simulations [PDF, 4.6 MB]

Urban and landscape design framework planning version [PDF, 9.9 MB]

Proposed draft conditions: