The following videos have been created by The Transport Agency and their consultants to provide detailed information on how the Indicative Route has been identified, how the project will progress through the route protection phase and how the project fits within our Connecting Northland strategy.

Urban design and landscape

Bruce McKenzie speaks of the varying landscapes between Warkworth and Te Hana and how both the Pūhoi to Warkworth section and Warkworth to Wellsford project will ‘stitch together’ to provide continuity of urban design and landscape.

Solid ground for Warkworth to Wellsford

Darryn Wise, Engineering Geologist, discusses the geology of the project area.

Designing the Indicative Route

Matthew Hawkes, Design Manager, speaks about the design journey to identify the Indicative Route for Warkworth to Wellsford.

Protecting and enhancing our natural environment

Graham Don, Ecologist, speaks of the ecology of Warkworth and Wellsford project area and how environmental values have helped inform the Indicative Route.

Connecting Northland

Paul Glucina, Transport Planning Manager, Auckland and Northland, explains how the Warkworth to Wellsford project fits within the NZ Transport Agency’s Connecting Northland strategy.

Planning and consenting for Warkworth to Wellsford

Karyn Sinclair, Principal RMA Planner, explains the planning and consenting process for Warkworth to Wellsford, the second section of Ara Tūhono Pūhoi to Wellsford Road of National Significance.