Ashhurst Bridge shared user path

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Project introduction

The Ashhurst Bridge shared user path will increase safe access for people walking and cycling across the bridge.

  • Estimated project dates

    Sep 2020–Dec 2024
  • Project type

    Bridge improvements, Walking and cycling
  • Project status


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About the project

This project will install a clip-on shared path onto Ashhurst Bridge. Designed to improve pedestrian and cycling access into Te Ahu a Turanga, the bridge clip-on lane will add to the current network of cycling tracks in Ashhurst.

Walking and cycling access to the Manawatū Gorge has traditionally been across the two-lane bridge constructed in 1969. However, in the absence of a dedicated cycling or walking lane across the bridge vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians share the bridge that has a 80km/h speed limit.

Key features

  • Engineering investigations have shown that a ‘clip-on’ shared path lane can be built using the existing bridge as support.
  • The shared path is intended to connect to cycling lanes at either end and will transition from bridge to the local cycling path. 
  • The current bridge is very dangerous for walking and cycling and a dedicated shared path is required to make this bridge safer for everyone.
  • Replacing the current bridge isn’t necessary as the bridge is only part way through its intended lifespan.

Artist impression of ‘clip-on’ shared path lane

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