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Auckland Harbour Bridge shared path

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Project introduction

The walking and cycling connection over the Auckland Harbour Bridge aims to provide pedestrian and cyclist access to and from the city from the North Shore.

  • Project type

    Walking & cycling
  • Project status

    Investigation & Design

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A walking and cycling link over the Auckland Harbour Bridge is currently missing in Auckland’s network of walking and cycling routes.


The proposal would potentially provide valuable transport and tourism benefits and appeal to a wide range of users, including commuters, visitors and recreational users.

About the project

The NZ Transport Agency has commenced a Detailed Business Case for a walking and cycling connection over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The business case started in 2018 to meet the Government’s priority to create more active transport choices for Aucklanders and deliver critical missing links in the urban cycle network in areas of high demand for example, between Auckland’s North Shore and City Centre.

The business case is looking at a number of options including the SkyPath concept which was developed by the SkyPath Trust. The SkyPath proposal is a 1km long, 4m wide path, attached underneath the southbound ‘clip-on’ of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, between Westhaven and Northcote Point.

More information

Funding is included in the National Land Transport Plan for this project and the Transport Agency Board will consider the outcomes of the business case in late 2019.

The earliest construction could start on a walking and cycling path over the Auckland Harbour Bridge is late 2020. However, more will be known when the business case is complete which will recommend which option to take forward.

The Transport Agency is also continuing work on SeaPath, a 4km shared path between Northcote Point and Esmonde Road, Takapuna. It is a priority for the Transport Agency to coordinate the design and delivery of both SeaPath and a shared walking and cycling path over the Auckland Harbour Bridge to create the best outcomes for the community as well for those who will use them.