Project introduction

The Auckland Harbour Bridge opened in 1959. Looking forward, the bridge is set to play a critical role in connecting Auckland’s cycling network, with construction of a walking and cycling path over the bridge to join up with the Northern Pathway.

About the Harbour Bridge

Standing sentinel across the Waitemata Harbour, the Auckland Harbour Bridge is a crucial piece of infrastructure. It connects the metropolis of the central business district to the North Shore and beyond to Northland.

Before it opened in 1959, the only way passenger vehicles could cross the harbour was by ferry; a time consuming, expensive and infrequently made journey.

Situated on the nation’s main artery State Highway 1, more than a billion cars have travelled across the steel bridge since constructed. More statistics about traffic volumes can be found in the State Highway Traffic reports(external link).

Any delays to traffic on the bridge affect both the Southern and Northern State Highway 1 motorways, so sophisticated planning and management helps keep motorists and freight moving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A dedicated team of traffic engineers monitors the bridge via live cameras. The cameras transmit images to the NZ Transport Agency’s traffic operations centre in Takapuna where operators can assess the traffic flow and organise emergency services and tow trucks if and when needed.

Live traffic webcams north and south of the bridge

Vector Lights

Vector Lights on the Auckland Harbour Bridge lights up the city with clean technology. 90,000 LEDs have been carefully installed on the Auckland Harbour Bridge as part of a ten-year smart energy partnership between Vector and Auckland Council, in collaboration with the NZ Transport Agency.

Powered by a mix of leading technology, including solar, battery and peer-to-peer systems, Vector Lights transforms the Waitematā as a guiding light toward a smart energy future.

Vector Lights is an experience and a destination, giving Aucklanders a focal point for celebration and recognition. Find out more about Vector Lights(external link)

Photo of Vector Lights on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.