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Project introduction

The NZ Transport Agency is seeking public input on its proposal to set a permanent new speed limit on SH10 Awanui to Kaingaroa.

  • Project type

    Speed review

Project updates

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Too many people are being killed and seriously injured in crashes on State Highway 10 between Awanui and Taipa, so the NZ Transport Agency has been looking at whether a lower speed limit could make the road safer.

To help us fully understand the issues on the road we have asked the communtiy to give us their views on speed on this road.

During July 2019, we asked the public for feedback on current and proposed speed limits on SH10 Awanui to Taipa. We’ve read all the feedback and used these insights along with our technical analysis of what is the safe and appropriate speed for this road. Based on this we are now formally consulting on proposed speed limit change for SH10 Awanui to Kaingaroa.

The feedback we received from community engagement indicated that most people thought the road between Kaingaroa and Taipa is safe at 100km/h, and after further analysis, we will not be proposing to change the speed limit on this section of the road.

Read more about the community engagement

What we know

We have talked to the community, council, the local police, road user groups and local businesses about the current speed limits between Awanui and Kaingaroa and they have raised concerns that the current speeds feel too high to be safe.

People felt lower speeds were justified between Awanui and Kaingaroa. People supported lower speeds especially in Kareponia and Kaingaroa.

The village of Kareponia has a high risk due to children from the Kōhanga Reo crossing and school buses turning.

There have been 92 crashes on this stretch of road in the last 10 years (2009 - 2018) resulting in three people being killed, six seriously injured.

There will be an extra 85 seconds added to the current travel time between Awanui and Kaingaroa if the proposed speeds are put in place.

What we’re proposing

Location Current speed limit Proposed speed limit Current average speed
Existing 100km/h area from 455m southwest of Pukewhai Rd to 610m northeast of Duncan Road. 100km/h 80km/h 80-84 km/h
Existing 100km/h area through Kaingaroa from 610m northeast of Duncan Road to 360m southwest of Duncan Road. 100km/h 60km/h 80-84 km/h
Existing 100km/h area from 360m southwest of Duncan Road to 570m southwest of Pairatahi Road. 100km/h 80km/h 80-84 km/h
Existing 100km/h area through Kareponia from 570m southwest of Pairatahi Road to 300m west of Godinovich Road. 100km/h 60km/h 80-84 km/h
Existing 100km/h area from 300m west of Godinovich Road to 405m west of Kumi Road. 100km/h 80km/h 80-84 km/h
Extending the existing 50km/h area by 180m east of Awanui. 100km/h 50km/h 80-84 km/h

awanui to kaingaroa speed review map

How speed reviews work

More information about speed and the speed review process is available on the Speed Review Programme webpage.


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