Signalised Bayfair roundabout

Driving, walking and cycling locally in the Matapihi and Arataki area made safer with the new, signalised Bayfair roundabout.

The roundabout features two lanes and new traffic signals. For people driving, using the roundabout is just like any signalised intersection where a prepared driver ensures they are in the correct lane and then follows the red to green light phase.

The new traffic signals provide a safe walking and cycling connection between the Arataki and Matapihi areas, making it easier for people to get through the intersection safely. As part of this, the pedestrian underpass is temporarily closed.

Plan ahead and take extra care while everyone – walking, cycling and driving – gets used to the new layout.

How to use the new signalised roundabout

Changes for road users

  • The new roundabout features traffic signals on all approaches and returned to two lanes.
  • Signalised pedestrian crossings are available at ground level on Maunganui Road, Girven Road, Matapihi Road and Owens Place to travel between Matapihi and Arataki.
  • The walking and cycling route across Maunganui Road through the middle of the roundabout is available, with the ability to cross the road at signalised crossings. Cyclists are able to choose between using the off-road or on-road facilities when moving through the roundabout.
  • The walking and cycling paths’ locations have been selected so that they can link with Tauranga City Council’s existing walking and cycling network.
  • The pedestrian underpass is open. Temporary closures may apply.
  • State Highway 2 road users travelling between Mount Maunganui, the port or the city centre and Pāpāmoa/Tauranga Eastern Link are encouraged to use the Bayfair flyover to bypass the roundabout.
  • A free left turn applies from Matapihi Road into Owens Place, unless road users are required to give way to pedestrians or cyclists using the pedestrian crossing.
  • Vehicles over 12 metres are able to turn left from Matapihi Road onto Maunganui Road.
  • A temporary speed limit of 50km/h applies around the Bayfair roundabout and on all adjacent roads.
  • New lanes approaching the roundabout:
    • The Girven Road and the two Maunganui Road approaches have three lanes.
    • The Matapihi Road approach has two lanes.
    • The roundabout features two lanes.

The Bayfair end of the Bay Link project is now in its permanent alignment. Construction in the area will continue, including final road surfacing, installation of overhead signage and underpass finishing works.

The roundabout remains under temporary traffic management and people are asked to take extra care when travelling through the area while everyone gets used to the new lane layout and the traffic signals, especially during morning and evening peak times. Delays are to be expected.

Before and after photos of Bayfair roundabout

A motorway with a roundabout and no overpass

Bayfair roundabout – September 2017.


Bayfair roundabout and flyover in October 2023.