Traffic notice for the week commencing 21 April 2024

Well maintained roads are an important part of keeping people safe. While we aim to do this work with as little disruption as possible, we know that roadworks can be inconvenient. Thanks for your patience and understanding while we do this important work.

Please drive carefully through work sites and stick to the temporary speed limits. As always, we will be doing our best to minimise effects of these works on the public as much as we can.

If you have any queries about these works, please contact our project team:

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Intended programme for next week

Below is a quick outline of the major works planned for the coming week from 21 April 2024

If bad weather should strike, work will be postponed to the next suitable day/night.


Type of work


SH2 Maunganui Rd, TEL, SH29A and Truman Lane

Truck and trailer movements through the site access point to move the construction plant and deliver materials.

No traffic delays expected.


From Monday to Friday

Days: 9am to 4pm

SH2/Tauranga Eastern Link (TEL) northbound between SH2/Te Maunga Interchange and Matapihi/Girven RAB

Line marking works/anti-graffiti works/CCTV works.

TTM: SH2/TEL northbound will be fully closed between SH2/Te Maunga interchange.

Detour: For road users travelling SH2 northbound, detour via Te Maunga Interchange, Maunganui Rd, MGI roundabout, Maunganui Rd northbound.

Sunday 21 April 2024

Night: 7pm to 6am

SH2 Bayfair Flyover southbound

Line marking works/anti-graffiti works.

TTM: SH2 southbound closed at Bayfair Flyover.

Detour: For road users travelling from Mount Maunganui/ Tauranga to SH2 (TEL), detour via Maunganui Road southbound, Bayfair roundabout and Te Maunga interchange.

Sunday 21 April 2024

Night: 7pm to 6am

Maunganui Rd southbound at MGI / Exeter St

Anti-graffiti works.

TTM: Maunganui Rd Southbound closed at MGI RAB / Exeter St.

Detour: For road users travelling from Mount Maunganui/ Tauranga to SH2 (TEL), detour via Girven Rd, Grenada St, Sandhurst Rd, Sandhurst Interchange. Resident access Maunganui Rd from MGI to Exeter via Exeter St.

Monday 22 April 2024

Night: 7pm to 6am

Maunganui Rd southbound/northbound, Matapihi/Girven Roundabout, Matapihi Rd/Owens Pl, Girven Rd, SH2

FWD testing.

TTM: Various lane closures/Mobiles/Semi Statics as required. (No detour).


Monday 22 April 2024
Tuesday 23 April 2024

Nights: 7pm to 6am

Maunganui Rd southbound/Concord Ave

Gantry works.

TTM: Road Closure of Maunganui Rd southbound at Concord Ave to MGI.

Detour: For road users travelling from Maunganui Rd SB, detour via Concord Ave, Ocean Beach Rd, Girven Rd.

Tuesday 23 April 2024

Night: 7pm to 5am

Maunganui Rd northbound, Matapihi/Girven roundabout, Matapihi Rd/Owens Pl, Girven Rd

Anti-graffiti works.

TTM: Various lane closures/mobiles/semi statics.

Tuesday 23 April 2024

Night: 7pm to 5am

Long-term traffic management

  • The SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange is fully open at the intersection of SH2 and SH29A with a 50km/h temporary speed restriction in place.
  • Maunganui Road between SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange and Concord Avenue - narrowed lanes and a 50km/h temporary speed restriction are in place for the duration of the project.
  • The Bayfair flyover and SH2 at ground level underneath SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange are now available for SH2 traffic heading to/from Mount Maunganui, the city centre and Tauranga Eastern Link/Papamoa.
  • The right turn from Matapihi Road onto Owens Place is permanently closed. Road users should continue on to Bayfair roundabout, take a full turn around the roundabout before returning along Matapihi Road and turning left onto Owens
  • Girven Road, near the Bayfair roundabout - the right-turn from the Bayfair Shopping Centre car park onto Girven Road is permanently closed.