Project introduction

The Southern Corridor provides access to Lyttelton Port and the Christchurch CBD for people and freight from south of Christchurch. It includes the Southern Motorway from Barrington St to Halswell Junction Rd and the extension to rejoin SH1 south of Waterholes Rd.

  • Estimated project dates

    Nov 2010–Jan 2016
  • Estimated project cost

    $100 million +
  • Project status


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About this project


To relieve congestion on the roads leading into Christchurch from the south. These roads reach capacity during peak hour travel times leading to frustrating delays for motorists travelling to the Christchurch CBD, Lyttelton Port and industrial areas in the south and east of the city. Traffic volumes and congestion are likely to worsen over the next decade without significant improvements.


The Christchurch Southern Motorway will improve travel times and increase reliability for traffic travelling from the south to Lyttelton Port and the Christchurch Central City.

Christchurch Southern Motorway Stage 1 (CSM1) was completed in December 2012.

Christchurch Southern Corridor Stage 2 (CSM2) includes a new motorway from Halswell Junction Road to Robinsons Road (south of Templeton) and the four laning the Main South Road from Robinsons Road to the end of the passing lanes north of Rolleston. This project will reduce congestion and improve safety, health, travel times and quality of life (particularly for those in the Templeton and Hornby areas).

Map of Christchurch Motorways projects