In this section you can find out more about the possible effects of the project on the environment and community. This includes a description about the project, assessment of the actual and potential effects, the alternatives considered, and assessment of the measures identified to avoid, remedy or mitigate the effects.

Documents can be downloaded as a full report or in separate sections.

SectionTitleDownload description
Full report
  Assessment of Environmental Effects PDF [PDF, 12 MB]
  Content page and Executive summary PDF [PDF, 484 KB]
Part A: Introduction and background to the project
  Introduction PDF [PDF, 468 KB]
  Strategic context to the project PDF [PDF, 571 KB]
Part B: Description of the Environment
  Existing environment PDF [PDF, 803 KB]
Part C: Description of the project
  Project description PDF [PDF, 1 MB]
  Construction of the project PDF [PDF, 756 KB]
Part D: Statuatory context
  Statuatory Context PDF [PDF, 683 KB]
Part E: Consideration of alternatives
  Consideration of alternatives PDF [PDF, 897 KB]
Part F: Consultation
  Consultation and Engagement PDF [PDF, 462 KB]
Part G: Assessment of effects
   Summary of Environmental Effects PDF [PDF, 443 KB]
   Assessment Methodology PDF [PDF, 356 KB]
   Traffic & Transport PDF [PDF, 646 KB]
   Property & Land Use PDF [PDF, 362 KB]
   Network Utilities PDF [PDF, 276 KB]
   Urban Form & Function PDF [PDF, 350 KB]
   Landscape & Visual PDF [PDF, 398 KB]
   Lighting PDF [PDF, 267 KB]
   Noise & Vibration PDF [PDF, 496 KB]
   Air Quality PDF [PDF, 318 KB]
   Stormwater & Groundwater PDF [PDF, 625 KB]
   Terrestrial & Freshwater Ecology PDF [PDF, 403 KB]
   Natural Hazards PDF [PDF, 364 KB]
   Contamination PDF [PDF, 275 KB]
   Cultural Impacts PDF [PDF, 290 KB]
   Archaeology & Built Heritage PDF [PDF, 349 KB]
   Economic PDF [PDF, 393 KB]
   Social PDF [PDF, 395 KB]
Part H: Mitigation and monitoring including proposed conditions
  Mitigation and monitoring PDF [PDF, 520 KB]
Part I: Statutory assessment
   Statutory Assessment PDF [PDF, 580 KB]
   RMA Part 2 Assessment PDF [PDF, 355 KB]
Part J: Proposed conditions
   Proposed Designation Conditions PDF [PDF, 555 KB]
   Proposed Resource Consent Conditions PDF [PDF, 5 MB]
Appendix A Resource Management Notice 1994  PDF [PDF, 164 KB]
Appendix B Land Requirement Schedule PDF [PDF, 135 KB]
Appendix C List of Potentially Affected Wells PDF [PDF, 82 KB]