This section provides details on how the environmental effects of the project will be managed. 

TitleDownload description
Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) - full report PDF [PDF, 15 MB]
Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) PDF [PDF, 1.6 MB]
CEMP Appendix A - SEMP 001 Air Quality Management Plan PDF [PDF, 1.2 MB]
CEMP Appendix B - SEMP 002 Erosion and Sediment Control Plan PDF [PDF, 5.9 MB]
CEMP Appendix C - SEMP 003 Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan PDF [PDF, 5.5 MB]
CEMP Appendix D - SEMP 004 Construction Traffic Management Plan PDF [PDF, 659 KB]
CEMP Appendix E - SEMP 005 Landscape Management Plan PDF [PDF, 450 KB]
CEMP Appendix F - SEMP 006 Accidental Aquifer Interception Management Plan PDF [PDF, 350 KB]
CEMP Appendix G - CEMP Risk Assessment & Risk Register PDF [PDF, 43 KB]
CEMP Appendix H - CEMP Construction Programme PDF [PDF, 150 KB]
CEMP Appendix I - Accidental Discovery Protocol PDF [PDF, 180 KB]
CEMP Appendix J - CEMP Environmental Feedback Form PDF [PDF, 193 KB]
CEMP Appendix K - CEMP Environmental Non Conformance Form PDF [PDF, 50 KB]
CEMP Appendix L - CEMP Environmental Corrective Actions Log PDF [PDF, 55 KB]
CEMP Appendix M - CEMP Environmental Training Form (ETF) Template PDF [PDF, 48 KB]