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The new motorway will extend from the Christchurch Southern Motorway Stage 1 at Halswell Junction Road and travelling through 'greenfields' (rural land) to near Robinsons Road on State Highway 1 (approximately 7.5km in length). The motorway will bypass the existing built-up areas of Templeton and Hornby, reducing traffic and congestion in these areas and improving safety. As part of this project Main South Road will be four laned from near Robinsons Road and ending just before Rolleston (approximately 5km in length).

This new road will be built to motorway standard and have two lanes in each direction and oncoming traffic will be separated by a central median and barrier. A full access interchange at Springs Road and city bound on and off ramps at Halswell Junction Road will provide access to the motorway. A full grade separated interchange (flyover, with on-ramps and off-ramps) at the Weedons Road intersection will be constructed as a key access to Rolleston, the Izone Industrial Park and the surrounding area.

Christchurch Southern Motorway Stage 2 map.

View larger size of map [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Key features

  • Main South Road (SH1) will be widened to two lanes in each direction from the passing lanes north of Rolleston to Robinsons Road. A new section of motorway will be built from Robinsons Road to join the Christchurch Southern Motorway Stage 1 (CSM1) at Halswell Junction Road. A median safety barrier will separate oncoming traffic. The existing Rolleston Drive and Hoskyns Road traffic signals will not change as part of this project.
  • A full grade-separated interchange at the Weedons Road/Main South Road intersection will allow full access to and from Weedons Road and Weedons Ross Road, while allowing Main South Road to remain free-flowing.
  • Weedons Road will be realigned at Levi Road, with the priority changing at this intersection.
  • A new local road next to the railway line will provide alternative access to properties along the western side of Main South Road.
  • Direct access to properties along both sides of Main South Road (from Weedons Road to Robinsons Road will be removed to improve safety).
  • Alternative access to properties along the eastern side of Main South Road will be provided. This will include a new local road between Berketts Road and Robinsons Road.
  • Larcombs Road will be closed at Main South Road.
  • Berketts Road will be restricted to left turns in from Main South Road and left turns out to Main South Road.
  • Robinsons Road will pass under Main South Road to remain connected with Curraghs Road.
  • A new off-road shared cycle path will be provided between Curraghs Road and Dawsons Road.
  • A new grade separated ‘Y-junction’ north of Robinsons Road will be included.
  • A new roundabout will be built at the Dawsons Road/Waterholes Road/Main South Road intersection.
  • Waterholes Road will pass over the new motorway. A minor realignment of Waterholes Road and Hamptons Road will improve safety at this intersection.
  • Trents Road will pass over the new motorway.
  • Blakes Road will be cut by the new motorway, becoming two cul-de-sacs.
  • A full grade-separated ‘diamond’ interchange at Shands Road (south of Marshs Road) will allow the new motorway to be free-flowing while providing access to and from Shands Road via on and off-ramps.
  • A new walking and cycling path will connect the CSM1 shared use path with the Little River Rail Trail.
  • On and off-ramps at Halswell Junction Road will provide motorway access to and from the city for all vehicles.
  • Halswell Junction Road and Springs Road will pass over the motorway.
  • John Paterson Drive will be realigned to join Halswell Junction Road to provide safe access.
  • A 1.5m wide shoulder will be provided on all local road bridges and underpasses, which can be used by cyclists.
  • A shared pedestrian and cycle path will be provided on the Trents Road and Marshs Road bridges, with pedestrian footpaths included on all the other local road bridges and underpasses.
  • The motorway will be built close to the existing ground level.

Benefits to the community

benefit icons

Reduced congestion

  • Improved traffic flows will reduce journey times and enhance travelling efficiency.

Improved access and connectivity

  • The project will improve access to and from Lyttelton Port, the City Centre and industrial areas in the south of Christchurch.
  • Reduced traffic on many local roads will make access easier and safer.
  • The growing populations of Rolleston, Lincoln and West Melton will benefit from improved inter-connections.
  • Improve freight efficiency.

Improved safety

  • The project will reduce vehicles on local roads around Templeton, Hornby and Prebbleton, making these roads safer for local residents, particularly school children and the elderly.
  • Introducing a raised median and safety barrier on the Main South Road will improve safety by separating oncoming traffic.
  • Restricting right-hand turns across the busy state highway will also improve safety.
  • The project will reduce fatal and serious crashes by 40%.

Improved cycling

  • With traffic moving onto CSM2, local roads through Templeton and into Christchurch will be safer for cyclists due to reduced traffic volumes.
  • A shared cycle and pedestrian path will link the CSM1 shared cycle and pedestrian path with the Little River Rail Trail
  • A 1.5m-wide shoulder will be provided on all local road bridges and underpasses
  • We are joining forces where we can with Selwyn District Council, Christchurch City Council and their plans to improve the local cycle network. One example of this is planning safer cycle access between Weedons Road and Templeton using Jones Road and the new access roads we will be building in this area.

Improved public transport

  • With additional lanes on SH1 and less traffic through Templeton, Hornby and Prebbleton, there will be increased opportunities for bus priority.

Improved environment

  • Less traffic travelling through the Templeton, Hornby and Prebbleton communities is expected to reduce noise, vibration, air pollution and other effects of high volumes of traffic, resulting in a more pleasant environment for residents.