An intersection with roundabout and traffic on the roads.

Project introduction

The Eastern Corridor – Stage Two project includes the section of SH30/Te Ngae Road from Iles Road to Rotorua Airport. We are addressing safety and connectivity, while accommodating for future growth and providing better travel choices. The upgrades will be completed in three phases.

  • Estimated project cost

    $35 million for Phase One
  • Project type

    Road improvements, Safety improvements, Walking and cycling
  • Project status


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He aha rā? Kaupapa – what's happening

Construction of Phase One (most of the works between Iles Road and Coulter Road), addressing safety and connectivity is underway.

  • Complete: Raised safety platforms on local roads.
  • Underway: Enabling works between Iles Road and Puketāwhero Park. Excavations are taking place to relocate services and underground existing overhead power cables, to enable road widening. This work also includes installing new water mains on behalf of Rotorua Lakes Council.
  • 2022 and 2023: Major improvements.

The upgrades between Iles and Coulter roads will commence in three consecutive work zones to minimise impact on people travelling in the area:

  • Zone 1: Iles to Basley roads.
  • Zone 2: Basley to Ōwhata roads.
  • Zone 3: Ōwhata to Coulter roads.

Mahere kaupapa – project map

View downloadable map [PDF, 445 KB]

Phase One improvements include:

  • raised safety platforms at Tennyson Drive, Tumene Drive and Brent Road
  • signalised intersections at Basley Road, Ōwhata Road and Wharenui Road
  • new three-metre-wide shared path from Basley Road to Coulter Road
  • new separate on-road cycling lanes from Iles Road to Coulter Road
  • four lanes between Iles Road and Basley Road, and between Brent Road and Ōwhata Road
  • new pedestrian crossings and refuges, bus stops and safety improvements
  • removal of right-turn out of Brent Road
  • removal of left turn slip lanes onto local roads to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • moving the signalised crossing from current location near Tennyson Drive to Puketāwhero Park.

Phase One received $35 million from the Government’s Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) funding for construction to support growth and development in eastern Rotorua – with a focus on the Wharenui Road area.

Tirohanga whānui kaupapa – project overview

The SH30 Eastern Corridor Stage Two project involves the section of SH30/Te Ngae Road from Iles Road to Rotorua Airport.

We are addressing safety and connectivity on the corridor, while accommodating for future growth and providing people with better travel choices.

These improvements will be constructed in three phases and include:

  • Upgrades to key intersections such as Wharenui Road, Ōwhata Road, Basely Road, Brent Road, Lee/Gee roads, and Rotorua Airport/Eastgate Business Park.
  • Walking and cycling improvements such as a new three-metre-wide shared path and separate on-road cycle lane.
  • Four-laning of SH30 sections.
  • Safety improvements such as new pedestrian crossings and safety treatments at intersections.

Wātaka kaupapa – project timeline

  • Underway – Construction of Phase One improvements.
  • 2023 – Phase One upgrade completed.
  • Future – Phases Two and Three will be dictated by the growth and development of Rotorua. Both phases are currently unfunded.

This project is part of the Connect Rotorua programme of work, in partnership with Rotorua Lakes Council, to futureproof two of the city’s key transport networks: SH30/Te Ngae Road and SH30A/Amohau Street.

Connect Rotorua