Project Introduction

We’re making the busy SH30/SH33 Te Ngae intersection safer and creating a new right turn bay for SH30 traffic turning into Rangiteaorere Road.

  • Estimated project dates

    Jun 2022–Sep 2023
  • Estimated project cost

    $6.4 million
  • Project type

    Road improvements
  • Project status


Tirohanga whānui kaupapa – project overview

Our vision is an Aotearoa where no one is killed or seriously injured on our roads. 

Everyone should get to where they’re going safely and Road to Zero sets us on a path to achieve this.

The SH33/SH30 Te Ngae Junction (Whakatāne turnoff) has been identified as high-risk and can be made safer. 

Between 2016–2020, five people lost their lives or were seriously injured at this intersection. Most of the crashes were caused by vehicles turning right, cars travelling too fast and poor visibility.

When investigating options to make this intersection safer, Waka Kotahi worked closely with representatives from Ngāti Rangiteaorere, Ngāti Tuteniu and Uenukukōpako, Rotorua Lakes Council, road user groups, and spoke with local residents and landowners. This engagement helped with the design process and determined what improvements would work best at this location.

To reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured at this intersection, Waka Kotahi is making it safer by delivering proven and effective safety improvements. The improvements will slow vehicles speeds, reduce the severity of head-on and side impact crashes if they do occur and make it safer for vehicles to turn.

For more information take a look at the project frequently asked questions and the project information sheet [PDF, 616 KB].

Key features

  • A single-lane roundabout – at the SH30/SH33 Te Ngae intersection to slow down vehicle speeds and make it safer and easier for people to turn.
  • A new right turn bay - at the SH30/Rangiteaorere Road intersection to make it safer to get to Mātaikōtare
  • Bypass for people on bikes – Rangiteaorere Road will be used for people heading north on bikes, safely separating them from vehicles at the roundabout.
  • Roadside safety barriers – we’re upgrading the roadside barriers around the roundabout, to protect people from roadside hazards including the Waiohewa Stream.
  • Retaining wall – to support the roundabout construction to the west of the intersection and reduce impact on nearby properties.

There are also other surrounding safety improvements that are taking place along this corridor, to find out more visit Connect Rotorua

Wātaka kaupapa – project timeline

May/June 2022

Inform the community and stakeholders about the work, what’s happening and when.

Mid 2022

Construction starts.

Late 2023

Construction expected to be complete.

Mahere kaupapa – project map