Project introduction

This project will improve safety for road users on the 25 km stretch of State Highway 1 from the Brynderwyn Hills (near the SH1/SH12 intersection) to Wellsford.

  • Project type

    Safety improvements


The planning and design of the Southern project is currently underway. Our safety improvements will reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured along the section of state highway from the south side of the Brynderwyn Hills to Wellsford.

This project will be delivered in stages over the next few years. Early safety improvements and the construction of the remainder of the Southern project are dependent on funding approval.

In the preliminary phase we will be engaging with affected landowners, key stakeholders and local communities about the safety improvements we are proposing and how those improvements may affect them.

What improvements will I see?

Wide centre lines

Widening the centre line means more space between you and oncoming vehicles. It is a simple and effective way to steer drivers away from each other. A wider centre line can give drivers more time to react and can help prevent a crash if someone makes a mistake. More space between lanes can reduce serious crashes by up to 20%.

Flexible median barriers

Flexible median barriers prevent head-on crashes, which is how most people are killed or seriously injured on our roads. They can reduce deaths and serious injuries by up to 65%.

Side safety barriers and widened shoulders

Side safety barriers stop your vehicle before you hit something harder - like a tree, power pole or oncoming vehicle. They can reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured by up to 30%.

A wider sealed road shoulder provides room to recover if you lose control or need to take evasive action. Shoulder widening can reduce crashes by up to 35%.

These proven safety interventions are being installed as part of the Waka Kotahi contribution to New Zealand's Road Safety Strategy - Road to Zero.

Project timeline


Investigations carried out as part of the project's detailed design and statutory requirements.

Stakeholders, communities and affected property owners information and engagement phase.

Late 2023

Stage one – between North of Ross Rd and Topuni Corner construction to begin.


Construction of remaining stages and sections (pending funding approval).

What’s happening next

The first stage of delivery comprises two packages of safety improvements that sit within the existing state highway area. These improvements include:

  • painted 1.5m wide centre line and flexible median barrier around Topuni Corner
  • painted 1m wide centre line, extending for 2km from north of Ross Road
  • improved lane markings and signage