Project introduction

The heart of the project included a major new interchange providing better connectivity to the state highway from Hutt Road and Dowse Drive as well as a new overbridge from Korokoro to Hutt Road.

  • Estimated project dates

    Aug 2007–Nov 2009
  • Estimated project cost

    $20 million to $100 million
  • Project type

    Road improvements
  • Project status



To reduce delays and improve safety to a section of SH2 through Lower Hutt.





Dowse to Petone provides a more expressway-style section of state highway in Lower Hutt providing less friction between highway traffic and people travelling. It also provides better access to Percy Scenic Reserve at the base of Dowse Drive, improved access and parking to Petone Station and a parallel service road to the state highway to provide for vehicles access and exiting the Korokoro industrial area.

About the project

The Dowse Drive to Petone section of SH2 is bounded by severe physical and operational constraints. Along its western edge, the route is located at the foot of the scarp of the Wellington Fault (also known as the 'western escarpment'). To the east, the Wairarapa and Melling Branch railway lines run the full length of this section of the highway. The section of SH2 between the Korokoro intersection and the Petone overbridges runs through the Korokoro industrial area.

This project was completed in 2009.

Project features

A grade-separated interchange with raised roundabout over SH2 at Dowse Drive with a connection to Hutt Road and Dowse Drive; an overbridge replaced the traffic signals at Korokoro connecting Petone and Korokoro; and an upgrade of the section of SH2 between Korokoro and the Petone overbridges providing a raised central curbed median to separate north and southbound lanes.

Work also included the re-arrangement of the Petone Railway Station's existing Park and Ride carpark and the provision of an access bridge over SH2 and service road through to Cornish Street to provide access to the industrial area and Korokoro; no access to private properties from SH2 between Korokoro and Petone. The long term upgrade for SH2 between Korokoro and Petone overbridges includes the construction of a median barrier on SH2, the closure of Cornish Street to SH2 and the upgrade of the Petone Overbridge.

Project description

The Transport Agency's project to upgrade SH2 between Dowse Drive and Petone includes:

  • Construction of a grade-separated interchange with a roundabout over SH2 at Dowse Drive with a connection to Hutt Road and Dowse Drive.
  • Construction of an overbridge to replace the traffic lights at Korokoro connecting Petone and Korokoro.
  • Upgrading the section of SH2 between Korokoro and the Petone overbridges by providing a safety barrier to separate north and southbound lanes.
  • Rearranging and improving Petone Railway Station's existing Park and Ride carpark facilities including providing an access bridge over SH2 and upgrade of the footbridge.
  • A new service road between Cornish Street and Korokoro providing access to the industrial area.
  • An upgrade of the Percy Scenic Reserve access and parking facilities.

These plans and the options considered were developed through a public consultation programme.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will I be able to turn right at the bottom of the Korokoro Overbridge on to Hutt Road?

    Yes. The bottom of the Korokoro Bridge splits into two lanes so that left turning traffic is not held up by right turning traffic. The traffic island that prevented the right hand turn is removed to allow motorists a direct southbound route along Hutt Road. The amount of traffic travelling both along Hutt Road and from Korokoro will be reduced from what it is now, making this turn easier than in the past. However motorists are still free to follow the current left hand turn route if they find the right hand turn too difficult.

  • Why isn't there direct access between Korokoro and SH2?

    Direct access to SH2 northbound is provided via Priests Ave. There is not room between the cemetery and the railway line to fit in a South bound link. Motorists can travel a short distance north to Dowse Interchange to turn around, or travel south to the Petone Roundabout using Hutt Road.

  • How will I get in and out of Cornish Street?

    Cornish Street becomes left in only from SH2. Vehicles entering from the North will enter using Pito-One Road, which runs parallel to SH2 under the hill. All vehicles will exit Cornish Street using Pito-One Road.

  • Which organisation looked after which aspect of the project?

    D2P Project Office

    (Fletcher Higgins Joint Venture as contractors to the NZTA)

    0800 D2P 555

    (0800 327 555)

    The construction phase of the D2P project in any area

    The final design of SH2 in the D2P project area


    NZTA Wellington Regional Office:

    04 801 2580

    SH2 outside the D2P project, such at the Petone Overbridge and Melling

    Greater Wellington Regional Council

    04 384 5708

    Petone railway station

    Petone railway station car parking


    Hutt City Council

    Call Centre:
    04 570 6666

    Info line:
    04 570 6660
    Option 8

    All roads in Lower Hutt City other than SH2

    Car parking on Hutt City Council roads

    Noise control

    Petone Footbridge

    Recycling bins


    0800 801 700

    Public bus and train services and timetables


    04 495 3000

    Railway lines

    Land surrounding railway lines

    New Zealand Police

    Lower Hutt Police:
    04 560 2600

    Emergency: 111

    Vehicle speed on Hutt City roads and SH2