About the work

Over the January 2017 holiday period the rail bridge at the end of Neilson Street was removed and replaced with a new, lowered road to improve travel times for freight which previously struggled up the hill to reach the intersection at Onehunga Mall.

The work has provided early transport benefits around the Onehunga area as part of the first stage of the East West Link project. It was delivered by the Transport Agency and Auckland Transport and the package of work was completed in April 2017.

Find out more about the local improvements. [PDF, 78 KB]

Rail to the Airport

The improvements have been designed to integrate with the mass transit or light rail to the airport project (Auckland Transport). The land underneath the bridge will be retained. Then the new proposed route for light rail or mass transit to the airport will be elevated over the new, lowered road on Neilson Street and continue south in the future.