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Stay up-to-date with travel information between Picton and Christchurch

Work to install permanent rockfall protection is underway south of Kaikōura, with night closures that started mid-August 2020.

This critical safety work is being undertaken at a rockfall-prone corner between Peketa and the Parititahi Tunnels.

Closures are taking place five nights a week (Sunday to Thursday) until late December and then resuming in January until the work is complete. Traffic will be cleared through at certain times (see new timetable below which comes into effect from Sunday 18 October – just one minor change to the opening time in the morning).

During daytime operation of the road traffic will continue to be one lane with stop/go traffic management in place.

If people need to travel during the closure times and don’t want to time their travel to the set re-opening times, the Inland Road via Waiau (Route 70) is open 24/7 and would be the detour for light vehicles. The alternative route for heavy vehicles between Blenheim and Waipara would be via SH7, SH65, SH6 and SH63. This route is open 24/7 and takes about 6.5 hours to travel.

SH1 south of Kaikōura – night closures

New timetable: Sunday 18 October to late December, 5 nights a week (Sunday–Thursday)

SH1 south of Kaikōura night closures timetable [PDF, 47 KB]

Time Road status
7:00pm–8:30pm Road will be closed for 30-minute intervals from 7:00pm–8.30pm. Following a 30-minute closure the road will re-open to allow queued traffic through, and then close again for 30 minutes. This cycle is repeated until 8.30pm. (Average wait time 20–25 minutes).
8:30pm–9:00pm ROAD OPEN for 30 minutes.
9:00pm–11:30pm ROAD CLOSED
11:30pm ROAD OPEN to clear queued traffic only. Traffic MUST be in the queue by 11:30pm to be let through.
11:30pm–3:00am ROAD CLOSED
3:00am–4:00am ROAD OPEN for one hour.
4:00am–6:30am ROAD CLOSED
6:30am-7:00pm ROAD OPEN (6am on Mondays).

WARNING Google Maps sometimes displays State Highway 1 status incorrectly. Do not always rely on your GPS for accurate journey information.

Rockfall protection canopy night closures

Work to install permanent rockfall protection south of Kaikōura, with night closures starting mid-August 2020 to help minimise disruption to the majority of road users during the daytime and at weekends.

Removing loose rock at a rockfall prone corner south of Kaikōura

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