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Page updated 8 May 2020.

About the Kaikōura coast safety and resilience work

This work signifies a $200 million investment along the Kaikōura coast that will make it safer for everyone travelling in the area. It will also provide better and safer access for enjoying the coastal environment.

Residents and visitors to the area will be able to enjoy improved and enhanced parking, and access to key recreational destinations along the route. There will also be better amenities such as public toilets.

While our teams are working along the coastal corridor to rebuild the transport networks, it’s a great opportunity to deliver work in a way that minimises impact and maximises potential.


We are building safety and resilience into everything we do in Kaikōura.

Safety improvements includes widening shoulders, putting up safety barriers and creating safe stopping areas.

When we talk about resilient design, that means we are planning for the future and building things that will be able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions such as extreme weather.

We are delivering practical solutions that will stand Kaikōura in good stead once NCTIR has gone and the road has been handed back to the maintenance contractor (who will continue to maintain it over time).

As well as making the road safer and improving journey time reliability, the work will also bring benefits to the region by supporting tourism growth.

Safe stopping area locations

Click on the image below to view a map of the safe stopping area locations.

2019–2020: Programme of new works

In August 2019, it was announced that the majority of construction on the Kaikōura recovery should finish late 2020 with handover work wrapping up in December 2020.

A work package for the remainder of the work has been scoped out. These new projects are on SH1 north and south of Kaikōura and the Inland Road (Route 70).