SH30 Kōpaki rail overbridge replacement

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Project introduction

We’ve replaced the old single lane timber bridge with a two-lane bridge and realigned SH30 and Kōpaki Road intersection, shifting it further south to make the road safer.

  • Estimated project dates

    Jun 2021–Jun 2023
  • Estimated project cost

    $14.6 million
  • Project type

    Bridge replacement
  • Project status


Project background

The almost 100-year-old timber overbridge spanning the main trunk railway line at Kōpaki on State Highway 30 had reached the end of its life and needed replacement.

A new bridge was built alongside the old one, allowing the road to remain open throughout the two years of construction.

The intersection between Kōpaki Road and SH30 is being moved further away from the bridge to allow for better visibility for turning traffic.

With the new bridge complete, trucks are no longer required to detour using SH3, SH4 and Kōpaki Road.

With the completion of the new bridge, the old bridge will be removed.

Key features

A new two-lane bridge has replaced the old single-lane structure.

State Highway 30 and the intersection with Kōpaki Road have been realigned to provide better visibility and make them safer.

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